Cosmetic products and cannabis under the EC Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009

The rising trend Nowadays, cannabis products are gaining more and more popularity around the world and the same is true for its use in cosmetic products.  As far as compliance is concerned, there are two main issues to take into account: the THC content (which needs to be very low

How will cosmetic products be regulated in the UK in case of a no-deal Brexit?

Preparing for different Brexit scenarios, the UK government published a guidance covering the EU Exit Regulation for Cosmetic Products in case UK leaves the European Union without a deal. While there are many similarities between the EU and UK regulatory regime for cosmetic products, the withdrawal of the UK from

Update on Brexit: Cosmetics

On the 18th of July, the European Commission published a Notice to stakeholders regarding the withdrawal of the United Kingdom and the impact on the EU rules in the field of cosmetic products. Consequences for cosmetic products As of the withdrawal date, which is set so far for the 1st

SCCS minutes made public!

The working groups of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) have held meetings recently. The Working Group on Cosmetic Ingredients in Cosmetic Products met on July 16 , when the draft opinion on hair dye Methylimidazoliumpropyl p-phenylenediamine HCl was discussed and finalized. As for the consultation process for the Endocrine

IFRA 49th Amendment coming soon!

IFRA1 will soon release (expected for 3rd quarter of 2019) the 49th Amendment of their self-regulatory system, setting rules for the use of nearly 200 fragrance materials, updating restrictions and prohibited substances. Basic new elements for the IFRA 49th Amendment:         New product categorization: 22 distinct “classes” across 11 “categories” to

EU – USA Cooperation in Medical Devices

During President Juncker’s visit to the White House on 25 July 2019, he stated in a press conference that the EU is currently working to reduce barriers and increase trade in medical products. The industry of medical devices is dominated by the EU and US together. While the US’

Upcoming event: RMD + CRCC 2019 in Brussels

We are proud to announce you that Obelis is organising the 4th ERPA Annual Congress on Regulations and Compliance for Cosmetics (CRCC2019) and the 4th EAAR Annual Conference on New Medical Device Regulations (RMD2019) in Brussels on 28-29 October 2019. We invite you to be  part of these yearly events

MDR Update: Notified Body designations and first MDR CE Certificate

MDR Update: Notified Body designations and first MDR CE Certificate Until this day, the European Commission announced 4 designated Notified Bodies to certify devices under the Medical Device Regulation (EU 2017/745): 1)      BSI Assurance UK Ltd 2)      DEKRA Certification GmbH 3)      IMQ ISTITUTO ITALIANO DEL MARCHIO DI QUALITÀ S.

Brexit preparedness in case of a no-deal scenario

With only 8 weeks remaining, European authorities are finalizing preparations for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Considering the approaching deadline, the European Commission has published its 6th Brexit preparedness communication. The European Commission sends a strong message to all stakeholders including those in the medical

UK Government publishes EU Exit Regulation for Medical Devices

As the UK is preparing its withdrawal from the European Union, EU law is currently being converted into a new type of domestic (UK) law. The type of law that will become effective in the UK on the exit day, currently scheduled on October 31st2019, is called “retained EU law”