EU Authorised Representative (EC REP)

The legislation of the European Union, United Kingdom and Switzerland require manufacturers to appoint a professional representative to market medical devices and IVD medical devices on their territory. Our representatives support you in complying with changing regulatory requirements.

A professional representative supports you in navigating the complex regulatory landscape in Europe and ensures that you are always up-to-date about the latest changes.

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For medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic devices, the EU Regulations (MDR and IVDR) foresee that non-EU manufacturers must appoint an EU-based authorised representative that plays a pivotal role in compliance of their devices and acts as a contact point in the EU.

Since 1988, Obelis’s core business has been to provide representative and consultancy services to manufacturers that want to enter the EU market. Our headquarters in Brussels is in the heart of the European Union, and we closely cooperate with the EU institutions. We participate in the European Commission Working Groups and Horizon Europe, the EU program for research and innovation. In this way, we have shaped the compliance industry over the years.

Furthermore, Obelis is a member of the European Association of Authorised Representatives (EAAR) and a founder of the European Responsible Person Association (ERPA), which aims at promoting high standards of services and professionalism.

We recommend choosing a professional representative for your company in the EU. Obelis offers:

  • A team of experts that will guide you through the compliance process
  • Confidentiality of information shared with us
  • No conflict of interests since our business is not manufacturing and selling products
  • Constant updates on regulatory changes

Since its foundation, Obelis has grown, and today it is the largest centre in Europe for regulatory compliance. Our experts can help you enter the EU, UK, and Swiss markets.

Since Brexit, non-UK manufacturers (including EU companies) must have a UK-based Responsible Person (UK RP) for medical devices and IVD medical devices.

Obelis UK provides professional representation and consultancy services to companies that would like to place their products on the UK (Great Britain) market. We have a strong understanding of regulatory requirements and the appropriate experience to help our clients enter the UK market while ensuring the safety of their products. Our motto is to create safer markets.

Moreover, Obelis UK is a member of the UK Responsible Person Association (UKRPA). Through the UKRPA, we cooperate closely with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Hence, we will be able to provide our clients with the latest updates in a timely manner.

Switzerland and the European Union did not update the Mutual Recognition Agreement on medical devices in light of MDR and IVDR. As a result, non-Swiss based manufacturers must designate a Swiss-based Authorised Representative (CH-REP) to market their medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic devices in Switzerland.

You can appoint Obelis Swiss GmbH as your CH-REP, and our team of regulatory professionals will assist you reaching compliance.

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Why Obelis?

Our deep and long-standing experience with Swiss, EU and UK compliance frameworks makes us the best choice to support your products’ path towards compliance in these territories.

Our team regulatory experts will guide you through medical devices’ technical documentation, notification, labelling, among others.

About us
Founded in 1988, we are among Europe’s largest centres for advisory and representative services.
We are certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.
We have helped over 3,000 manufacturers from over 60 countries address their regulatory challenges.
We are members of professional associations and more than 10 European Commission working groups.
Obelis International Offices (OIO) comprise independent partners providing solutions in other global markets.
Our team consists of lawyers, chemists, pharmacists, and other experts. Our close-knit culture has been certified by the Great Place to Work Survey 2022-23.