Creation of Regulatory Content

Do you need to inform your audience about legislation and regulatory framework that apply to your products? Or do you want to write articles and informative pages with regulatory content?

Our Publications Department specialises in research, creation, and publication of regulatory content from a wide range of legislative landscapes. With expertise in regulatory affairs in the European Union and the United Kingdom, Obelis will take care of your content, assuring validity and quality.

Writing articles with regulatory content

From online marketplaces to informative websites, Obelis writes comprehensive articles to educate, inform, or guide your audience about the regulatory context. Our major areas of expertise are cosmetics, medical devices, machinery, construction products, motor vehicles, food supplements, protective equipment, and many other consumer products, such as toys, electronics, and radio equipment.

For example, articles with regulatory content provide:

Information about requirements to sell in the European Union and the United Kingdom
Overview on legislation applicable to certain products
Explanation on borderline cases
Important details to pay attention to when approaching the EU and UK market

Reviewing regulatory content

If you prefer writing the content yourself but are not quite sure about its validity or just want experts’ opinion, we can check the content for you. Our experts review your content, making sure it is correct, up-to-date, and exhaustive for the scope.

Specifically, content review consists of making sure that the text contains accurate, reliable, and complete information. When requested, we assure that the reader is provided with sufficient tools to understand complex topics and that the text is written both for a specialized and general audience.

Monitoring and updating on regulatory development

Would you like to stay up-to-date about the most recent regulatory news? Keeping track of all changes can be challenging and news might come from many different sources. Indicate your topics of interest and we provide you with updates regularly. Our Publications Department monitors regulatory news, collects them, and prepares an overview for you.


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