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A vital aspect of your business identity and success lies in the company logo or name, serving as a gateway to consumer trust. Safeguarding against misuse, forgery, or resemblances to other brands is essential for maintaining your business integrity. Registering your trademark with Obelis can effectively protect your logo and name, ensuring exclusive rights and preventing unauthorized use.

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The company logo or company name are an indispensable part of your identity and success. It is also a means to reach consumers’ trust and reliance. Avoiding misuse, forgery, or simply substantial similarities with other companies’ products can be crucial for your business. To prevent others from using your logo or name, you can register your trademark with Obelis.

By registering your trademark, you own your name or logo. This means that others cannot use them, and you can take action against any trademarks that copy or resemble yours. Obelis will:

  • Research if the same of a similar trademark name is already registered
  • Register your trademark with the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

Before placing any product on the European Market, it is important to ensure that your trademark has not yet been registered by other proprietors. This is needed to avoid infringements or legal disputes resulting from imitation of a branded good and counterfeit products.

Notably, trademark is not the same as trade name. A trade name is the name you use to distinguish yourself from another company, while the trademark is to distinguish specifically your goods or services. However, a company can use its trade name as a trademark, e.g., when products carry the company’s name.

Why Obelis?

Our deep and long-standing experience with Swiss, EU and UK compliance frameworks makes us the best choice to support your products’ path towards compliance in these territories.

Our team regulatory experts will guide you through medical devices’ technical documentation, notification, labelling, among others.

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