Payment Policy

Dear client,

Below, you find the Best Payment Practices for the remittance of Obelis’ invoices. All our payment methods share the same features: they must be easy, fast and secure. At the moment, Obelis offers multiple alternative payment methods:

  1. Wire transfer: Relevant bank account coordinates will be mentioned in each invoice
  2. Credit card: Each invoice has a dedicated credit card link. In this case, your payment will be instantly debited and visible in our system, allowing us to activate your account and deliver our service immediately. Therefore, payment via credit card is highly recommended. Obelis guarantees you the choice between different payment circuits:
    • VISA
    • Maestro
    • American Express
    • MasterCard
    • Alipay (NEW!)
    • WeChat (NEW!)
  3. PayPal: To pay an invoice via PayPal, please use the email address  and indicate the invoice number of the payment you are processing.

What you should know

We would like to remind that all our services are pre-paid and, as per our mutual agreement, all invoices should be remitted to Obelis within 7 working days upon the receipt of the invoice.

Kindly be informed that if you choose to perform the payment via wire transfer, the bank transfer fees depend on your bank. Additionally, these fees shall be entirely covered by the sender.

Obelis Support

Our accounting department team is ready to support you if any additional help is needed. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requests to the following email account:

Obelis Team keeps constantly working to offer a better customer experience. We value your feedback as it has been fundamental to our growth and for the improvement of all our existing services. Please feel free to contact us whether there are any aspects that you would like to see improved.

Thank you for your trust and for enabling us to always overcome our limits.
We would not make it without your support!

All Credit and Debit card transactions are debited at the point of purchase.