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Non-European manufacturers are strongly encouraged to appoint a professional European Authorised Representative. This allows to stay informed about necessary documentation, applicable standards, or ongoing changes in the applicable requirements relating to the product.

Obelis, located within walking distance of the European Commission, acts as your Authorised Representative in Europe and Switzerland and as Responsible Person in the United Kingdom.

Your Authorized Representative for general products

Manufacturers are strongly advised to appoint a professional European Authorised Representative (EAR) that ensures your products are compliant with the EU regulatory framework.

If you appoint Obelis as your European Authorised Representative, we will become your partner in the EU, and we will:

Verify that your products’ documentation meets the EU requirements
Identify the standards and requirements applicable to your products
Constantly update you on regulatory news and provide you with regulatory training
Keep your technical documentation
Be the contact point towards EU authorities and consumers
Assist you in case of incidents
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What is GPSD?

The General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) applies to products when there is no other specific EU law for that product. Few examples: candles, furniture, brushes, and non-vibrating sex toys. In other words, the main purpose of the GPSD is to make sure that products are safe also when no other directive or regulation is designed for them.

Do products covered under the GPSD need the CE marking?

Products covered under General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC do not carry the CE marking. However, the manufacturer has to make sure to comply with the applicable standards, general safety requirements of the GPSD, and other conditions. Moreover, additional national requirements may apply.

What happens if my products are not GPSD compliant?

If your products do not meet the GPSD requirements, competent authorities can issue fines and order their ban or recall from the market. Furthermore, your products may be added to the Safety Gate, a public accessible website that allows the quick circulation of information about dangerous products between authorities and consumers. Therefore, these measures can have an impact on your business and reputation.

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