CPNP Notification

One of the main requirements of the Regulation EC 1223/2009 is the pre-market notification. It can only be completed by the designated Responsible Person and only once the Product Information File encloses all evidence of conformity.

Pre-Market Notification

The notification for a cosmetic product indicates that:

A Responsible Person has been designated to the product
The Product Information File holds all evidence of conformity
The product is ready from a compliance points of view to be placed on the European market

A cosmetic product notified in the CPNP – one time notification, may be placed on any of the EU markets provided that the labeling is in conformity with the language requirements of the respective country. As such, no national notifications are necessary anymore. The information to be submitted to the CPNP includes but is not limited to:

  • Product category + name(s) enabling specific identification
  • Name and Address of the Responsible Person where the PIF is made readily accessible
  • Country of origin (for imported products)
  • First Member State where the product will be first placed on the market.
  • Presence of Nanomaterials
  • Presence of CMR 1A/1B substances
  • Product formula (frame formulation may be used as well)
  • Labeling

At the completion of the Notification procedure, each product is assigned a CPNP reference code.

Notification when changing EU Responsible Person

Each product Notification (and corresponding CPNP #) is tied to the EU RP which completed the Notification on behalf of the manufacturer.

If, at a later date, a brand owner elects to change EU Responsible Persons, the products must be de-Notified by the previous EU Responsible Person and re-Notified upon the due diligence activities of the newly appointed EU Responsible Person.

The previous EU Responsible Person information must also be removed from the packaging. Any future inquiries related to the product compliance will be forwarded to the newly appointed EU RP.

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