We Introduce Ourselves

Our story began in 1988, when our CEO, Mr Gideon Elkayam, founded Obelis driven by the vision to create compliance for safer markets. Over the years, this unique vision has helped us build a remarkable standing in our field of specialization by turning us into the most significant center for regulatory services in Europe.

Today, we can say that we have played our role in shaping the compliance industry. But our journey did not lead us astray from our original goal: every day, we continue to support our worldwide clients in navigating the regulatory maze. In three decades, we have worked with more than 3.000 manufacturers from over 60 countries.

Our Mission

To be the consultant of choice by shaping the compliance industry and providing the most effective compliance process.

Since 1988, Obelis has dedicated its regulatory expertise to ensure that only compliant products reach the EU, UK and Swiss markets.

We want to reduce the risk of hazards by assuring that only compliant products are placed in stores, hospitals, laboratories, and the consumers’ homes.

Our goal is to create compliance for safer markets for a positive impact on our society and our future.

Obelis demonstrates leadership and a strong commitment to compliance and safety in the EU. As a company, we take pride in acting with an owner mentality, passion about what we do, and seizing opportunities and welcoming responsibility. We are alert to change and meet the challenges that arise in a quick and decisive manner. That way, we provide ourselves as well as our clients with a competitive edge.

At Obelis, we deliver on our promises and pride ourselves on going the extra mile, adding value that goes beyond the usual standards. Our ways of working and making decisions, as well as our compliance with procedures, ensures we have the freedom to shape our own future.

We learn by developing and deepening our knowledge of our business day by day. We listen to each other, to clients and advisors, we capture and share this knowledge, and apply the lessons learnt from successes and failures.

At Obelis, each individual inspires trust as we match behaviour with words and take responsibility for actions. We collaborate in the best interests of our clients by acting as leaders, because we believe that we all play a leadership role. It is defined by courage and personal integrity, as well as having the vision and positive attitude to inspire and motivate others.

We believe that working with people from different backgrounds, cultures and ways of thinking helps our teams grow into better professionals and leaders. As a company, Obelis is committed to diversity and unique contributions, to a trusting, open and inclusive environment, and to treating each person in a manner that reflects these values.

We believe in behaving with the highest levels of integrity – nothing is more important than our reputation. In a business that relies on integrity, honesty and accountability, being trustworthy, honorable and responsible is a fundamental part of who we are.


Meet the dynamic team creating compliance for safer European markets. The Obelis team is led by a Board of Directors that brings decades of professional expertise in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance within the European Union. To help us work towards the mission “To be the consultant of choice by shaping the compliance industry and providing the most effective compliance process”, we’re supported by an Advisory Board.

This is comprised of several accomplished experts with extensive experience in Regulatory Affairs, medical technology, lobbying, business management, marketing and organizational development.

Last but not least, we have our team of Managers & expert consultants facilitating compliance and entry onto the European market for manufacturers in multiple sectors from medical devices and cosmetics to consumer goods.



The Chairs of the CGC (Corporate Governance Committee) Sub-Working Committees

Obelis CH

Obelis USA 


While Obelis core services are exclusively focused on the EU Market allowing us to maintain a high-level of services and expertise towards the EU Market, our clients have the additional benefit of gaining access to our world-renown Obelis International Offices (OIO) Network.

Obelis International Offices are independent partners who are able to provide our clients with solutions offering the same level of expertise and professionalism in other global markets of their choosing. Each partner will be able to provide an independent quotation of their service relevant to the local requirements. Obelis International Offices (OIOs) are located around the world, in 11 different countries. This provides a powerful international network. If you’re having trouble understanding or meeting EU regulations for selling your products in Europe, there is a representative near you who can explain and advise what you need to do in your language.

A dedicated European Authorised Representative is required for any non-European manufacturer who wants to sell their medical devices in the EU. Through our network of OIOs, we can provide you with:

  • High-quality, personal services tailored to your specific compliance needs
  • Easy access to regulatory solutions and support from within the market
  • The same commitment to quality, standards and values that you’d receive from our headquarters in Brussels
  • Dedicated training and ongoing support from our expert team of regulatory consultants
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