Food supplements review

Food supplements are part of our daily lives. The food supplements industry sector represents around €12 billion in sales in the European Union.

Obelis offers a service of food supplements review to provide you with the solutions to successfully introduce your food supplements to the European and national markets and ensure continuity.

Food supplements in the EU

At the EU level the Directive 2002/46/EC is applicable alongside other Regulations of different character (such as the Food safety law Regulation 178/2002 and the Food Information to Consumers Regulation 1169/2011). This EU legislation states the maximum and minimum level of substances, as well as several documentation and labelling requirements. Nevertheless, adding to these harmonized rules applies national legislation, which may state additional restrictions and labelling requirements. Furthermore, in certain EU countries it is also necessary to register the food supplement in a national database prior to place them in the market.

Therefore, Obelis can assist you through the food supplements EU revision service to meet the restrictions stated in the harmonized EU legislation and national legislation, such as maximum and minimum levels of vitamins and minerals and labelling requirements. Moreover, when necessary, Obelis will also carry out the registration in national databases prior to the placing of the food supplement in the market.

Check the formula of your products, identifying restricted and banned ingredients at both a European and national level
Assess the necessary documentation for your type of product
Submit the pre-market authorisation at national level
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Supporting tools

Food supplement information file template

This tool provides you with very useful guidance on the food supplement Information File requirements. You will get an overview of the elements you will need to display on the file to comply with European legislation.

Download: Food Supplement Information File Template
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