At Obelis, our mission is to create compliance for safer markets and consumers. Our values align to this mission, support our culture, and represent the manifesto of the way we treat each other and our clients and stakeholders.

We believe that every employee creates a difference and makes an impact. This is why, for us, employee satisfaction comes before client satisfaction.


Bring your talent and passion to Obelis, discover your purpose, and contribute to create compliance for safer consumer markets.

Meaningful work
Do meaningful work, collaborate with great colleagues and hear it from our inspiring leaders! Invest in your skills, capabilities & future!

A great place to work
Our employees agree, this is a great place to work! Hear it from our teams, explore our culture & discover our student & career opportunities!

A career that fits your passion and purpose
Regulatory Affairs, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Customer Care. Join a community guided by values that promote diversity, inclusion and learning. Learn more about our values.

An equal opportunity employer
We are proud to be an equal employment opportunity. We celebrate diversity and we do not discriminate – be it based on gender, race, religion, age, national origin, disability or ethnicity.

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Benefits for our Employees

We believe that each of our employees has the potential to make a significant contribution. As a result, we take great care when it comes to the satisfaction of our employees.

Obelis performance bonus plan
At Obelis, we recognize and appreciate our employees’ efforts, this is why we developed the ‘Obelis performance bonus plan. Obelis rewards its employees through the Obelis performance bonus plan, which includes a once-a-year performance bonus based on Obelis’ overall performance and a department bonus tied to specific objectives.

Obelis commission scheme
Several departments within Obelis are paid a monthly commission based on specific conditions. The commission is paid in addition to the monthly salary and is contingent on certain conditions that will be discussed during the affiliation.

We developed the ‘Obelis Family Policy’ to balance the demands of work with your family plans or issues. These include:

  • Sick leave when your child is ill
  • Full health insurance coverage for the entire family from day one
  • School supply support
  • Teleworking days allowance from home or abroad
  • Gift boxes for your children during certain holiday

Sick leave
Obelis provides paid sick days for all illness periods.

Health insurance
Obelis looks after its employees’ health and well-being by covering 100% of hospitalization costs and 80% of dental expenses.

Paid Educational leave
If you wish to continue your education or if you want to improve your technical or professional skills, you are allowed to take time off from work to further your professional development.

Obelis fund for your personal development
Obelis support your personal development by paying for the trainings that will help you advance in your career. The spending plan would depend on the position you hold at Obelis.

Obelis’ employees benefit from Assurance de Group (Pension@work) provided by AG Insurance.

Commuting allowance
As an Obelis employee, you will be fully reimbursed for your actual commute to work via public transportation. We also assist those who choose a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation, such as biking to work, by reimbursing a set amount per kilometer.

Company rental cars
Corporate rentals offer an easy, affordable, and flexible alternative for your trips. Obelis offers several cars that you can rent out for your leisure trips.

Mobile subscription
Obelis provides mobile subscription reimbursement to all its employees.

Gift vouchers
We want to support you in some other aspects of life that are important to you. You can take advantage of extra-legal benefit as:

  • Meal vouchers
  • Birthday vouchers
  • Eco cheques
  • Wedding/Legal cohabitation vouchers

Teleworking abroad
For a better work-life balance, Obelis has introduced the Teleworking Abroad Policy, allowing employees to work from their preferred location. The number of teleworking days is determined by the position the employee holds within the company.

Home office support
We all know that working from home has many advantages, but to be comfortable in your own home, certain conditions must be met. Obelis reimburses some of the costs associated with making your house a good place to work.

Corporate Values

We celebrate and stand by our corporate values!

Obelis demonstrates leadership and a strong commitment to sustainable compliance and safety in the EU. As a company, we take pride in acting with an owner mentality, passion about what we do, and seizing opportunities and welcoming responsibility. We are alert to change and meet the challenges that arise in a quick and decisive manner. That way, we provide ourselves as well as our clients with a competitive edge.

At Obelis, we deliver on our promises and pride ourselves on going the extra mile, adding value that goes beyond the usual standards. Our ways of working and making decisions, as well as our compliance with procedures, ensures we have the freedom to shape our own future.

We learn by developing and deepening our knowledge of our business day by day. We listen to each other, to clients and advisors, we capture and share this knowledge, and apply the lessons learnt from successes and failures.

At Obelis, each individual inspires trust as we match behaviour with words and take responsibility for actions. We collaborate in the best interests of our clients by acting as leaders, because we believe that we all play a leadership role. It is defined by courage and personal integrity, as well as having the vision and positive attitude to inspire and motivate others.

We believe that working with people from different backgrounds, cultures and ways of thinking helps our teams grow into better professionals and leaders. As a company, Obelis is committed to diversity and unique contributions, to a trusting, open and inclusive environment, and to treating each person in a manner that reflects these values.

We believe in behaving with the highest levels of integrity – nothing is more important than our reputation. In a business that relies on integrity, honesty and accountability, being trustworthy, honorable and responsible is a fundamental part of who we are.

Culture, Impact, and Corporate Social Responsibility


At Obelis, employee satisfaction comes before customer satisfaction. We believe that great customer value can be delivered when we all work at the best of our abilities. Let’s break it down, what is Obelis’ culture all about?

We are One Family
We would not be who we are without each other. We are respectful, supportive and encouraging. We want our teammates to reach their maximum potential.

We are Passionate
We love what we do, we chose to make a difference and we strive to do our best every day.

We are in this Together
We all work together towards the same goal, mindful of the bigger picture.

We are Speakers and Listeners
We are always ready to talk, communicate, explain, but we also know when to listen and support each other.

We are Givers and Takers
We listen, we learn, we improve and then we give back to our mentees what we got from our mentors.

We are here to Learn
We are continuously learning from experts, from each other, from situations, from challenges, from mistakes.

We are all Different, but all the Same
We are international, multicultural, diverse, but all equal and fair to each other.


Our Commitment to Compliance
The compliance of the products we make available on the market is our priority. We apply countless procedures and controls to make sure that manufacturers comply with the European legislation. We put compliance at the center of our daily work, at every step of the regulatory journey and in every action we undertake.

Empowering SMEs around the World
Over the years, we have helped more than 3,000 manufacturers from more than 70 countries to make available their products on the European markets. We ensure the highest quality of service, and we empower small and medium companies from all around the world to diversify their business and invest in one of the largest markets in the world!

Shaping Safer European Markets
Compliance lies within our DNA. Since 1988, we have been helping shape safer markets through our diverse corporate culture that makes us stronger, helping us meet the needs of our clients from all around the world. Located in Brussels, Belgium, at the heart of the European Union, we are founding members of EU professional associations, and we take an active part in EU Commission working groups.

Accelerating Business Opportunities
We make a difference for our clients by driving their sales forward on the European market and unlocking new business opportunities. Today, we are the largest center for CE marking & European representative services and we stand exactly where we need to be to meet the regulatory challenges of tomorrow and support our clients in their future needs.

Safeguarding EU Consumers
We take great care when it comes to make products available on the European markets. We understand how important it is to go through the regulatory requirements set by the EU legislation in order to ensure compliance for every product and device. With more than 500 million users, the compliance of those products and the safety of consumers are essential. We are here to secure both.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Together, we Create Compliance
The compliance of products with the EU legislation affects the lives of millions of consumers. That is why we empower our employees, customers and partners to tackle compliance with the utmost attention. This is what we do to bring diverse people together, elevate and impower every voice and give our contribution towards a more sustainable future.

Caring for Sustainability
We celebrate all environmental activities helping to preserve our planet, and we are committed to create a healthy and sustainable environment at our workplace. We have set for ourselves the objective to reduce our impact on the planet by introducing environmental policies and running our operations with sustainability in mind.

Creating Communities
We have launched the O-Community project to enable the exchange of information and awareness around the values we believe in. The community includes current employees and alumni of Obelis Group. We enable people to get involved, build partnerships and create opportunities to make our lives better. We provide support in the following fields: mental health, human rights, cancer, safety and health at work. We have also created digital information platforms to empower manufacturers from all around the world to become compliant with European legislation. We empower every voice in the community: from producers, competent authorities to regualtory experts and conformity assessment bodies.

Supporting cancer Awareness and Research
Obelis serves as a regulatory partner for Horizon 2020, the most significant EU Research and Innovation program, where we have used our expertise for major cancer research and innovation projects. We have also enrolled in a 21-day challenge, which allowed us to learn and be involved in cancer-related activities. This was our way of providing information to our employees to eliminate general misconceptions about diagnosis and treatment.

Responding to Covid-19
We adopted new policies to empower our clients to truly make a difference by rapidly notifying In-Vitro Diagnostic kits, hand sanitizers, facemasks, and other protective equipment. By putting a fast notification system in place, we enabled manufacturers to place their products on the market and patients and users to take advantage of these products. We are doing our part to reduce shortages experienced by hospitals.

Prioritising Mental Health
At Obelis, we raise awareness around the topic of Mental Health, offer support and empower people to realize their full potential. Within our community, we share examples of maintaining positive mental health, explaining how to detect early warning signs, and addressing them. Last October, we organized a special event for our employees and Alumni to take a moment and reflect on our wellbeing and take part in several activities that help maintain a positive state of mind.

Professional Careers

Do you want to contribute to a safe European market while gaining an authentic international experience as a consultant?

Obelis has regular openings for passionate individuals like you to join us and gain valuable international experience as you build a consulting career.

Together, we will improve the standards and variety of products available to European citizens by enabling manufacturers from all around the world to bring products compliant with the EU regulations.

Obelis offers a variety of positions throughout the year, from Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assistance to Business Administration, Accounting, Sales, Customer Relations and Marketing. All positions offer a unique set of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

To apply for a consulting position at Obelis, you’ll need:

  • Education—Bachelor or Master’s Degree in a relevant sector,
  • Experience—Two years (junior positions) or above five years (senior positions),
  • Languages—Fluency in English (other languages are an asset),
  • Other relevant skills—Customer and solution-oriented, team spirit, flexibility, ‘can-do’ attitude, excellent time management skills, learning skills, ability to assume responsibilities and to take own initiatives.

Our selection process usually involves:

  1. CV review
  2. Initial phone call (approximately half an hour)
  3. HR interview (Video call or on-site – approximately 1 hour) and a technical test (1 hour) on the same day
  4. Hiring manager / Board interview (usually a video call of 1 hour)

Early Careers

Are you a young professional looking for a highly formative internship experience to start walking into the professional world? Then Obelis has the right opportunity for you. Our Regulatory Affairs Department, which holds the RA School, is a particularly popular destination for internships. However, we also offer experiences in Administration, Customer Success, Customer Care, Front Office, Marketing, IT, Accounting and HR. If you recently finished your Master’s studies, our CIP (Contrat d’Immersion Professionelle) contract is perfect for you: it will allow you to get all the training you need before applying for a permanent position. If, instead, you are still enrolled at university and would like to have an international experience, apply for our Erasmus+traineeship program.

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Regulatory Affairs positions & RA School

Step 1: Submit your application, and do not forget to make your CV stand out.

Step 2: Complete an online test with open questions about your background and skills.

Step 3: One of our recruiters will contact you to schedule an interview and learn more about you and your experience. If it is a match, you will receive an invitation to join the Obelis Regulatory School

Step 4: Next, you will be invited for the 3-days Obelis School experience. During the first 2 days, you will be provided a series of trainings given by our experts, whereas the last day you will undergo a technical test

Step 5: The adventure begins! If you pass the technical test, the presentation part and the personality test, your internship will start 2 weeks later, so be ready to join Obelis in Brussels.

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Do you have any questions? Send us an email at

Does the Regulatory Affairs selection process take place online?
The first part of the selection process is always online (application test and phone interview), while the second part can be either online or in our headquarters in Brussels. You will receive confirmation after successfully overcoming the phone interview.

Can you tell me more about the technical test on the last day of the school?
After the 2-days training from our experts and managers, you will complete the technical test. Do not worry, it will be focused on the materials previously presented during the school. We will be focusing on your capability to adapt and your fast-learning skills.

How is the training for the new Regulatory Affairs members at Obelis?
Once you are onboard, you will receive a general training about the company, followed by a series of regulatory-affairs-focused trainings given by our team of experts. You will not be alone after that: your mentor will be following you and guiding you during the first 3 months of the internship, and you will have the possibility to join weekly windows to discuss your doubts with our managers.

Is it a problem if I have limited knowledge of the regulatory sectors you are focusing on?
During the school, our experts will train you in all the fields Obelis operates in, so do not stress: you will get all the knowledge you need, first-hand!

Other positions

Step 1: Submit your application, and do not forget to make your CV stand out.

Step 2: Undergo the online test: you will be asked about your background and how you think you would be a right fit for the company, as well as some general questions about Obelis

Step 3: Our HR team will set up a 45min phone call with you to go over your CV and profile, and to get to know you better

Step 4: You will have a videocall with your future Manager, who will discuss with you your answers to the test and check if you are the right fit for Obelis

Step 5: The adventure begins! If it’s a match, based on your selection process and personality test, your internship will start in 2 weeks, so better start packing and get ready to join us in Brussels.

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Do you have any questions? Send us an email at

Does the selection process take place online?
Yes, the selection process for non-RA positions is managed completely online or over the phone.

Is there a possibility to stay after the internship?
Most of our interns who are showing commitment and interest are staying with us at the end of their internship. We highly encourage you to apply for our Junior position, that opens up the long-term contract relationship at Obelis. The internal selection process and career plan will be explained in detail to you during the first days at Obelis.

How is the team?
The Obelis team is energetic, supportive, knowledgeable and international. By the end of the internship you will be able to say “good morning” in all the languages!

Is the internship based in Brussels?
Yes, all our interns are required to relocate to Brussels. You’ll receive more information on the relocation timeframe from our HR at the end of the school, if you have been selected.