Aesthetic Devices

The Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) sets the requirements for medical devices and devices without an intended medical purpose and that can have an aesthetic function. Specifically, Annex XVI of the MDR lists such devices.

Some examples of such devices are contact lenses (including coloured contact lenses), tattoo or hair removal devices, dermal fillers, body sculpting equipment, solid body contour modifying implants

According to the MDR, the common specifications products listed in Annex XVI must address, at least, application of risk management and, where necessary, clinical evaluation regarding the safety of the product.

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Aesthetic devices legislation

Medical devices without an intended medical purpose such as certain aesthetic devices follow the classification rules set in the Medical Devices Regulation. Additionally, manufacturers must also consider additional provisions for such devices (Annex XVI devices).

Some classifications examples:

  • Contact lenses, including coloured contact lenses, are typically classified as class IIa when used short-term and as class IIb when used long-term.
  • Collagen dermal fillers, when manufactured utilising tissues or cells of human or animal origin, or their derivatives, are usually class III devices.
  • Solid body contour modifying implants can be class IIb. Indeed, class IIb generally includes all implantable devices and long-term surgically invasive devices with certain exceptions of devices which are class III.

If Annex XVI of the Medical Devices Regulation does not include a certain aesthetic device group, then this device is likely regulated by one of the electronics Directives or by the General Product Safety Directive. For example, the product might be covered by:

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Manufacturers of aesthetic devices that fall under Annex XVI of the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) need to be fully compliant with the Regulation to sell on the European market.

Manufacturers of such aesthetic devices must:

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