Packaging recycling symbols

Packaging waste labelling requirements are not harmonised at the EU level.

Therefore, EU Member States can implement their own law on recycling symbols and obligations regarding packaging of consumer goods, including cosmetic products.

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As your Responsible Person, we provide a one-stop shop for cosmetic compliance.

Besides the compliance process that culminates with the notification to the CPNP, your regulatory affairs consultant will advise you on the national environmental packaging requirements for the markets where you intend to sell your devices.

Several countries, such as France, Italy, and Spain, require cosmetics labels to display instructions for disposal and information on packaging materials. Many times, specific symbols (like the French Triman logo) must be used. Furthermore, some EU Member States set additional requirements for environmental claims.

To place their cosmetic products on the EU market, beauty brands must comply with these national packaging recycling requirements on top of the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

On, Obelis Information Platform on the EU Cosmetics Regulation, you can find an overview of environmental packaging requirements in France, Italy and Spain.

Complying with national requirements might be challenging as you need to have a good understanding of Countries’ specificities. However, meeting packaging requirements is essential if you want to sell your cosmetic products in the EU.

In addition to the labelling review of EU mandatory elements, we will inform you about the symbols and information that must appear on your labels for each Country and then review your artworks.

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