Jean-Marie Vlassembrouck has over 30 years of experience in healthcare, first in the pharmaceutical Industry, then in the medical devices, biological and biotech industry.
He established and held for 8 years the European regulatory and industry affairs position for 3 M healthcare in Europe.  He then joined Baxter for 20 years being responsible successively for Industry and Governmental Affairs in Europe, Public Affairs in Europe and finally appointed as Vice-President of Industry affairs worldwide for the Bioscience division.
He was a long time involved with Eucomed, now Medtech Europe, being the chairman of the association for 5 years.
He also acted for 11 years as chairman of the Global Management Committee of PPTA, the Plasma Protein Therapeutic Association.
He is still active today through its consultancy company providing strategic support on market access issues.
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Jean-Marie Vlassembrouck

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