Sanitary Certificates for Cosmetics in Italy

Following the COUNCIL OF MINISTERS DECREE OF THE 4th NOVEMBER 2010, No.242, shipments of items that can be in touch with human beings, like Cosmetic products, coming from third countries and arriving at the international entry points of the Italian territory are subject to controls by the Italian Customs (USMAF-SASN). The control will physically inspect the goods, but showing a specific mandatory document will also be required.

Briefly, in case you are directly shipping Cosmetics to Italy, the Importer, or the Legal Representative, needs to submit a request for health authorization to import called Nulla Osta Sanitario (NOS – Sanitary Certificate).

The procedure consist of an online request on the Electronical Italian Ministry of Health database, and includes several data like information on Manufacturers, Importers, Goods, documents and the provision of a TAX.

If you would like more information on Italian Sanitary Certificates, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Obelis is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health and has full access to their electronic database in order to apply on your behalf for this specific mandatory request.

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