New database on toxic values developed by the French National Authority on Health

The French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) has launched a new database including more than 500 toxicity reference values (TRV) for cosmetic products.

Since 2004, the French Health Authority has been developing the French National Environment & Health Action Plan (2004-2008) with the aim to clarify the risks to human health related to exposure to chemical substances, which included the development of TRVs to share expertise by all the competent authorities.

What is a Toxicity Reference Value (TRV)?

Toxicity Reference Values are toxicological indicators used to qualify or quantify a risk to human health on a scientific basis, associated with exposure to a chemical substance. They can be established with or without a threshold dose, depending on the substance mode of action.

ANSES has been establishing TRVs since 2004, building more than 60 indicators for 40 substances. The database also includes chemicals analyzed by other organizations tasked by the French health authority to carry out this expert work.

How is the information presented?

The database includes the identification of the substance by name and CAS number, and some information on the TRV, such as the date of establishment, the exposure route, etc. Furthermore, it allows the user to have access to reports and opinions on the TRVs.

Currently, some of the substances that can be found on this database include Vinyl Chloride, which can be found in aerosols, Dibutyl Phatalate, used in hairspray or nail polishes, or Dichloroacetic acid, in hair care products.

What is the added value of the database?

This database will be useful to facilitate the access to TRVs to all users, both public and private. It will be a powerful tool for companies and consultants to demonstrate that risks are being controlled on their products, and for public authorities to formulate risk management recommendations.

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