Obelis Wins a Second Trends Gazelle Award: Growing from Medium-Sized to Big Enterprises Category

We are excited to share that our company has won a second prestigious award from Trends Gazelle. This year, we were competing with the bigger companies in Belgium compared to the previous year, which is a remarkable accomplishment for us. It is worth noting that only last year we were selected as the fastest-growing company in the medium-sized category.

Our company’s impressive growth allowed us to compete in the “Big Enterprises” category of the awards, and we ranked 20th out of 135,000 enterprises located in Brussels. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.

The award program and criteria

Trends Gazelle is an award program presented by the Belgian business magazine ‘’Trends-Teandances’’. The purpose is to identify companies that are not only growing but also creating jobs and increasing economic prosperity in the region. It divides candidates into three categories based on their size: small enterprises, medium enterprises, and big enterprises.

To assign the awards, Trends Gazelle takes as reference points facts and growth-related figures to select the winners, such as how much the company has grown in terms of value-added, cash flow growth, and the number of employees. Subsequently, the Trends Tendances team evaluates if the companies can successfully prove their operational independence.

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