Obelis “Success Story” in the Belgian Cosmetics Catalogue!

Obelis has been listed in the official Belgian Cosmetics Catalogue 2016! The catalogue, published in September 2016 by the Belgian Federal Agency for Exportations, presents the most up-to-date insight into the Belgian cosmetics industry (its size, turnover, export rate) as well as lists of all the key players and stakeholders. Obelis, being one of them, received a special mention in the ‘Belgian Success Stories’ section, where an interview with Obelis CCO (Mrs. Sandra Ferretti) has been published.

Obelis serving the Cosmetics Industry

In her interview, Mrs. Sandra Ferretti explained how Obelis is serving the cosmetics industry by cooperating with manufacturers and ensuring their products’ EU compliance. She explained the crucial role of the Responsible Person in the process of registering cosmetic products in the EU and described the impact of the new EU Cosmetic Regulation on the industry. Mrs. Ferretti highlighted that Obelis can fully assist cosmetics brand owners with the development of their EU strategy, allowing them “to focus on their priority, which is selling products”.

More than a regulatory company

As explained by Mrs. Ferretti, Obelis has obtained double ISO certification and adopted a high-quality management system, allowing the company to start implementing the new Cosmetic Regulation immediately after it came into force in 2013. As such, Obelis acts as a regulatory pioneer, taking part in the EU commission working groups, sharing their regulatory knowledge with the industry and promoting the best practices. “We set up the ERPA association and contribute to hosting seminars and cosmetic industry events to keep market parties informed”.

The entire catalogue, including the interview with Obelis CCO, is available now on the Belgian Federal Agency for Exportations website. If you wish to know more about the Belgian Cosmetics Catalogue and/or Obelis cosmetics services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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