Data Strategy in the Medical Field: What's the Next Step?

On May 28, 2020, MedTech Europe published a statement on the European Strategy for Data.

In the framework of the European Health Data Space initiative, this statement constitutes an important step forward towards the transformation of Europe’s health system as a very digitalized one.

This statement has been issued in the context of the consultation for the European Strategy for Data.

Medtech Europe has highlighted some crucial elements that is necessary to invest in and focus on, including public healthcare systems based on electronic health records, the European eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure (eHDSI or MyHealth@EU initiative) and the cooperation between EU institutions and Member States based on a harmonized legislative framework to make this strategy achievable.

The statement also welcomes concrete actions, as the creation of a Code of Conduct to regulate issues related to health data governance and artificial intelligence, investments in data tech and development of the already existing technologies.

Finally, some recommendations are put forward regarding the balance between the right of access to data and the safety and quality of medical care, the need to clarify some aspects in the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the harmonization of the various different sets of national requirements on data exchange and the urge to educate the patients on the potential of employing these new technologies in the medical sector.

Francesca Zuccarello Cimino

Publications Department


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