Beauty Independent Roundtable on EU & UK Cosmetics Compliance – a Great Success!

Obelis group, in collaboration with Beauty Independent, produced a roundtable on the cosmetics compliance requirements when penetrating the EU & the UK markets, which took place on June 30th 2021, online.

We brought together top speakers from the cosmetics industries to guide manufacturers through the EU & UK Cosmetics Regulations. Sandra Ferretti, Chief Compliance Officer at Obelis; Peter Mudahy, CEO of Paks Group and Karen Petraitis, International Regulatory Specialist at Blistex, discussed the steps to expand into the EU and UK markets, how Brexit is affecting the regulations, and missteps to avoid.

The webinar turned around how to make sure no compliance issues are raised while introducing UK products in the market. It also clarified the “main players” involved in EU & UK cosmetics compliance, the steps to compliance, the labelling requirements, the necessity of appointing a professional “Responsible Person”, and much more. An open discussion with the participants followed to guide them through the regulatory dos and don’ts and learn more about the new emerging trends of the cosmetics industry.


“You will need to appoint a responsible person (RP),” advised Sandra Ferretti. “That’s the key aspect. It is the responsible person that will help you to be compliant with all the other requirements”.

“Get your compliance right. Then, get your marketing off the ground,” said Peter Mudahy, CEO of Pak Group, speaking about beauty product regulatory compliance in the European Union and the United Kingdom. “Without compliance, you don’t have a product, and you can’t sell something that you can’t register.”

Though hiring an RP comes with an expense, Petraitis, who appointed Obelis as an RP at Blistex, said: “I would not recommend doing it all by yourself. Even as someone familiar with all this documentation and the EU, I still need quite a bit of guidance. Also, Obelis keeps us updated on ever-changing regulations.”

We want to thank the organizers of Beauty Independent and the event speakers for making Obelis’ roundtable a great success! To all the participants who joined us, it was a pleasure to have you there and hear your thoughts on the new cosmetics landscape and, most importantly, to get your feedback on the daily regulatory challenges you are facing. Those unable to attend the live webinar can access the recorded session on Beauty Independent’s website.

Click here to watch the webinar.

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