The future of the Cosmetics Regulation

During this year’s Cosmetics Europe Annual Conference – a year event that gathers cosmetics leaders, experts, companies and regulators – the European Commission expressed where their concerns would lie for the future.

The focus was on:

  • The labelling of products suitable for sensitive skin
  • The analysis of alternatives to animal testing
  • Preservatives
  • The improvement of the current approach to CMR substances
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • Assessment of the microplastics issue
  • Update of the labelled allergens
  • Nanomaterials
  • Lisbonisation

The speech ended with the confirmation that the European Commission very much looks forward to maintaining a dialogue between the cosmetics industry and values their input and concerns.

Should you wish to have more information, Obelis remains at your disposition. With 30 years of regulatory experience, it will be our pleasure to help and advise you on regulatory updates for the EU market, SCCS opinions and cosmetic ingredients in the EU. If you would like to know more on cosmetics products regulatory compliance, please contact us.

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