SCCS Final opinion issued for Aluminum

During their plenary meeting on 03-04 March 2020, the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS) issued their final opinion on aluminum.

Aluminum, a substance that is widely used in cosmetic products – antiperspirants, lipsticks, toothpastes – presents systematic toxicity at high doses.

The most recent SCCS opinion results from the supply of formerly outstanding data, which prevented the SCCS back in 2014 from providing an assessment on the possible risk for human health from the presence of aluminium in cosmetics.

In the light of the new data, the use of aluminum compounds was considered safe at the following equivalent aluminium concentrations of up to:

  • 6.25% in non-spray deodorants or non-spray antiperspirants;
  • 10.60% in spray deodorants or spray antiperspirants;
  • 2.65% in toothpaste;
  • 0.77 % in lipstick.

Furthermore, the SCCS considered that the systemic exposure to aluminum via daily applications of cosmetic products does not add significantly to the systemic body burden of aluminum from other sources.

If you manufacture aluminum-containing cosmetic products, it is crucial to their conformity with the above recommendations.

Ana Rita Falcão

Regulatory Affairs department


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