OEM with European ambition?

What if you are an OEM manufacturer and you would like to expand your business?

Europe is an excellent strategic choice!

Once your cosmetic products are compliant with the Cosmetic Regulation EC 1223/2009 and registered in the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP), you have a vast potential market of 28 EU countries and 4 EFTA countries at your fingertips!

Often, we hear companies say: “but we do not have a brand, how can we expand into Europe?” Having a commercial brand is not necessary, even as an OEM you can register your products in the CPNP and enjoy the benefits. What is the reasoning behind this?

For an OEM manufacturer, having the CPNP references for their own products indicates to their potential customers that:

1.           The products already conform to the EU requirements

2.           The technical documentation already conforms to the EU requirements

Customer of an OEM manufacturer will only need to approach a Responsible Person (RP), such as Obelis, to obtain a CPNP reference under (his) their name (rebranding the cosmetic products) for the same products which were already approved.

There are time and effort benefits for your customers having your products registered with Obelis, if Obelis has been working with you as an OEM as the product conformity has already been demonstrated. Let me clarify with an example:

Suppose that product X, has the PIF (Product Information File) already compiled/verified by Obelis. This implies that the documentation is in place and does not need to be generated ´from scratch´ – This is a huge time saver for your customer, as it sometimes takes months to compile the product’s specifications in order to claim conformity.  It also minimizes your costumers’ efforts because of the communication with suppliers of raw materials, finished products, testing labs and other market players involved in the process etc. have already taken place.

As such, it is evident that customers will look more and more towards cosmetic suppliers having their products already EU notified  – as this allows much easier and faster access to the EU market for the products they intend to rebrand under their name.

In conclusion: having your cosmetic products registered in CPNP as an OEM is a great marketing tactic!

José Amsing

Senior Consultant, Sales department

7th November 2019

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