OEM Manufacturers – Obtain your own CE Marking!

Obtaining the CE Marking provides a great strategic advantage for any manufacturer! – This is true whether your business is one of an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or anOriginal Brand Labeler (OBL).

If you are an OEM manufacturer – Obtain your own CE Marking today!

What is the difference between OEM & OBL?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is defined as a company which supplies equipment to other companies to resell or incorporate that product under their own brand name – meaning, OEM Manufacturer will never place the product on the market under their name or trade names.

Original Brand Labeler (OBL) is defined as a company which obtains equipment manufactured by other companies to resell or incorporate that product under its own brand name – meaning, OBL Manufacturer will be the one placing the product on the market under their name or trade names.

As such, the OBL will be the one required to complete the CE Marking process for the products he intends to place on the market under his name. As OBL, he will rely almost entirely on the OEM support towards information on the product and on the manufacturing process. This information is mandatory under the CE Marking process.

What are the benefits of the CE Marking Strategy for OEM Manufacturers?

BENEFIT # 1: A powerful regulatory tool.
By obtaining the CE Marking, the OEM manufacturer has proof that:

  • His product is safe
  • His product meets the essential requirements of the EC Directives & Regulations
  • His product technical documentation are complying with the requirements
  • His product has achieved compliance with the CE marking process.

Additionally, for products requiring the intervention of a Notified Body, the timeframe for the introduction of the products can be significantly shortened as the product & the manufacturing process by the OEM will not need to be reassessed for a product which was only rebrandedby the OBL.

BENEFIT # 2: A powerful marketing tool.

It is clear from the above that the OBL (the customer of the OEM) will be much more eager to conclude a purchase of a product already regulated rather than a product which is not yet regulated – as such, an OEM should publish & promote his CE Marking (marketing activities).

The European Authorized Representative support to OEM Manufacturers

European legislation has long defined the mandatory requirement for any manufacturer not established within the European Union to designate a European Authorized Representative. The support a professional Authorized Representative will provide will focus on:

  • Providing a Registered Address in the EU
  • Keeping available Technical Documentation for inspection by EU Authorities
  • Completing Notification to the EU Authorities
  • Completing (any) Registration to National Databases
  • Taking care of (any) incident reporting
  • Representing towards the EU Commission, EU Authorities, Notified Bodies and users
  • Safeguarding the compliance with News and Regulatory Updates
  • Supporting on a continuous basis on the CE Marking strategy
  • Developing an international compliance platform towards global markets


OEM manufacturers, who aim to expand their sales in the European Market and other global markets, should consider the European compliance process as an important investment towards their success. They should make use of a professional European Authorized Representative to guide them through the regulatory maze towards exploiting the benefits of the CE Marking into their overall company strategies.

If you would like to know more on the CE Marking strategy for OEM Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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