New SCCS Opinion on Titanium Dioxide (nano form) as UV-Filter in sprays

As the presence of nanomaterials in cosmetic products is becoming more and more frequent, their safety is now being questioned more than ever. Before their use in cosmetics, they must be first authorized by the European Commission which will rely on the opinion from the SCCS (the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety), responsible for reviewing such raw materials.

Currently the nano form of the UV filter Titanium dioxide is under intense scrutiny within the EU due to its potential carcinogenicity via inhalation.

The new Opinion

A new opinion has been published by the SCCS on the safety of Titanium Dioxide (nano) when  used  as  UV-Filter  in  sunscreens  and  personal  care  spray  products  at  a concentration up to 5.5%. The conclusion is that its usage could potentially be unsafe due to ‘insufficient information’ provided by the industry, not allowing proper safety assessment tests.

The SCCS adds that there are already sprayable products on the market containing the nanomaterial and “Such uses need to be carefully evaluated so that the chance of harmful effects through consumer’s lung exposure by inhalation is avoided”.

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