IFRA Standards – 50th Amendment

On June 30, 2020 IFRA officially issued the 50th Amendment to the IFRA Standards.

This amendment comes in addition to previous Amendments to the IFRA Code of Practice. Consequently, all elements of the 49th Amendment – dated  January 10, 2020 – addressing other fragrance materials, remain unchanged and in place.

What has changed?

The Standard prohibiting the use of Mintlactone (CAS 13341-72-5) as a fragrance ingredient was added.

Compliance with the 50thAmendment (implementation timelines)

  • Two months after the date of notification letter (i.e. August 30, 2021) for new creations;
  • 13 months after the date of notification letter (i.e. July 30, 2022) for existing creations.

This was only a single- ingredient change of the Standards! The next multi-ingredient update to the Standard is planned for 2022.

Kamila Rzewucka

R&D Department

9 September 2021

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