How Much Does CE Marking and Certification Cost?

When it comes to obtaining the CE marking, one of the primary concerns for manufacturers is the financial costs involved in the process.

There are too many variables and factors to consider to be able give a uniform estimate of the costs of obtaining CE marking. However, with the right information, product manufacturers should be able to arrive at a reasonably accurate assessment of the expense involved.

What factors affect the cost of CE marking?

The cost of obtaining CE marking for your product can vary wildly and is influenced by a number of things, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The type, nature, risk and intended use of the product
  • Which requirements from which directives apply to the product – remember, products can be covered by more than one CE directive
  • Whether the manufacturer has the resources and expertise to some, or all, of the conformity assessments in-house.
  • How much consultancy and support the manufacturer requires when it comes to creating and compiling the necessary documents such as the Technical File.

Before estimating the likely cost of obtaining CE marking, manufacturers need to establish what EU legislation apply/applies to the product, what are the Essential Safety & Health Requirements, what standards apply, whether the standards are harmonized and what certification procedure(s) applies/apply.

This information should be enough to start gathering quotes from CE marking service companies and European Authorized Representatives (EC REP). However, cost assessment shouldn’t stop there. Manufacturers should also consider:

  • If they can self-certify the product (i.e. does the CE marking require intervention of a Notified Body)
  • If they can do the necessary testing and inspections in-house
  • If they can combine CE marking with other private certifications and markings such as UL, ISO Certification or QMS
  • If they can buy and use parts and components that already have CE approval
  • If they can be certain that the product as it exists currently will pass the assessments or is a budget for modifications required?
  • Has their chosen producer already obtained CE Certification or do they operate under an ISO certified quality management system?

The cost of obtaining CE marking is inextricably linked to the time consultants, testing labs and certification bodies need to spend examining a product per the EU legislation.

There are dangers with cutting corners or using services priced at rock-bottom for CE marking services. If the compliance of a product is questioned, having an established company arguing in favour is better is considerably more valuable than a company with a less reputable reputation offering very low prices– especially in light of the New Requirements on Notified Bodies.

Keeping the costs of CE marking under control involves a lot of research and groundwork on the part of the Brand Owner, as well as constant evaluation and analysis throughout the process.

Obelis offers comprehensive CE marking services to product manufacturers. With many years of experience and offices at the heart of the EU in Brussels, our consultancy experts are perfectly placed to guide you through the CE Marking process. Get in touch today!

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