ECHA publishes new report on nanomaterials in the European Union

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has released a report – free to download in English here – to study the truthfulness of the data in the market for products with nanomaterials in the EU.

This document with the title “Critical review of the relevance  and reliability of data sources, methods, parameters and determining  factors to produce market studies on manufactured nanomaterials on the  EU market” presents the view of the ECHA as a starting point of the  industry, leading the way for further studies related with  nanomaterials.

What is a Nanomaterial?

Nanomaterials are normally defined as being smaller than 100 nanometres in at least one dimension.

Their use has increased in different sectors, such as healthcare,  cosmetics or environmental protection. However, these substances are  still in development while the technology is evolving.

To know the catalogue of nanomaterials, please visit our article here.

Nanomaterials in Cosmetics:

They can be found in several types of products as creams, lotions,  toothpastes, deodorants or nail polish, normally as preservatives or  UV-filters.


The human exposure to nanomaterials plays a key role. Knowledge to  ensure its safety and security in products which contain them helps to  create the optimal conditions to be controlled by Competent Authorities  through a scientific approach.

The potential, and unknown, effects on human health pushes the  Scientific community and National Governments to invest in research and  public awareness.

Conclusions of the report

  1. The definition of nanomaterials has a high importance in order to  carry out a new market study on nanomaterials. Potential new definitions  should be studied.
  2. Commercial market studies are in general reliable and use a reliable study method
  3. The study recommends market segmentation, market forecasts and  growth rate, and market size as combination of parameters for producing  market studies on nanomaterials

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