CPNP release 1.5 successfully deployed

On 22 December DG SANCO (Health and Consumers) announced the launch of improved features in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal. The new functionalities include but are not limited to a transfer of products between Responsible Persons and a more efficient mechanism to download data for Poison Centres and Competent Authorities.

Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)

The CPNP is a free of charge online notification system created for the implementation of Regulation EC/1223/2009 on cosmetic products. It is available for Responsible Persons, distributors (who make available in a Member State a cosmetic product already on the market in another Member State), National Competent Authorities -in charge of market surveillance, market analysis, evaluation and consumer information- and Poison Centres or similar bodies.

Once a product has been notified to the CPNP, this at EU level, no further registration is required at National level.

Main improvements in 2015

In this new release, a download mechanism used by the Poison Information Centres and the Competent Authorities has been set up with the purpose of making the information readily available for these bodies in every Member State of the EU.

Furthermore, a mechanism has been deployed allowing the RPs to transfer their products to another RP. This functionality reveals itself very helpful when merging the activities of two Responsible Persons and avoids re-notification of products thus entering complete information manually for a second time.

However, this tool is to be used carefully as once selected, a complete copy of the notification will be sent to the second RP, including the formula, the qualitative and quantitative composition, and other information susceptible to be confidential.

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