Free Sales Certificates

As the EU legislative requirements are well-revered worldwide, after a product has successfully gained EU Compliance, other global markets may request a Free Sales Certificate. Often referred to as a Free Trade Certificate, Certificate of Free Sales, etc; this certificate can be obtained from the EU Competent Authorities for fully compliant products in order to streamline market entry into their own global markets.

In order to obtain a Free Sales Certificate,

  1. The product must properly comply with the applicable EU Requirements (technical file/PIF, registration, testing, etc)
  2. The manufacturer must have appointed a European Authorized Representative / EU Responsible Person to ensure their continued compliance

As a result, a Free Sales Certificate can only be obtained on your behalf by your current Authorized Representative or EU Responsible Person.

Free Sales Certificates are most commonly requested by the following countries:

Argentina Australia Brazil Chile
China Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador
Egypt India Iraq Israel
Japan Mexico Peru Russia
Saudi Arabia South Korea Taiwan Thailand United Arab Emirates

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