Free Sales Certificates

As the EU legislative requirements are well-revered worldwide, after a product has successfully gained EU Compliance, other global markets may request a Free Sales Certificate. Often referred to as a Free Trade Certificate, Certificate of Free Sales, etc; this certificate can be obtained from the EU Competent Authorities for fully compliant products in order to streamline market entry into their own global markets.

In order to obtain a Free Sales Certificate,

  1. The product must properly comply with the applicable EU Requirements (technical file/PIF, registration, testing, etc)
  2. The manufacturer must have appointed a European Authorized Representative / EU Responsible Person to ensure their continued compliance

Resultantly, a Free Sales Certificate can only be obtained on your behalf by your current Authorized Representative or EU Responsible Person.

Free Sales Certificates are most commonly requested by the following countries:

Argentina Australia Brazil Chile
China Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador
Egypt India Iraq Israel
Japan Mexico Peru Russia
Saudi Arabia South Korea Taiwan Thailand United Arab Emirates

Obelis can not only support you in ensuring your EU Market entry but also in achieving global growth.

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