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Your dedicated contacts for EU compliance

With our head office in Brussels, situated within walking distance to many EU institutions, we are in a prime position in Europe to serve you.

We also have international branches in the US and Israel, as well as a network of Obelis International Offices with representatives across the world in 11 different countries.

Between these locations, we have you well covered.

And we’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding European Directives, CE Marking, European Authorized Representative services, European Responsible Person services or anything else related to compliance matters in Europe.

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Obelis registered addresses:

Bd Général Wahis, 53
B-1030 Brussels
Tel: +3227325954
Fax: +3227326003
Bd Brand Whitlock 30,
B-1200 Brussels
Tel: +3227325954
Fax: +3227326003

International branches:

Israeli Branch
38-d Hatehila St.
4272031 Netanya
Phone: +972.9.8350983
Phone: +972.9.8852735
Phone: +972.77.7008252
Phone: +972.52.3290915
Fax: +972.9865.0989

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