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Your dedicated support for EU, UK & Swiss compliance

With our headquarter office in Brussels and our offices in the UK & Switzerland, the Obelis Group secures a prime position to support your compliance in those important markets!

Please choose your primary market of interest, EU, UK or Swiss. Our team will guide you through additional markets in case your products are launched on in multiple markets simultaneously.

Once chosen, you will be required to fill in the relevant contact form and one of our representatives will connect with you within 24h.

We are here to help, contact us today!


Obelis EU registered addresses:

Bd Brand Whitlock 30,
B-1200 Brussels
Tel: +3227325954
Fax: +3227326003
Bd Général Wahis, 53
B-1030 Brussels
Tel: +3227325954
Fax: +3227326003

Obelis UK & Swiss registered addresses:

Sandford Gate, East Point Business Park
OX4 6LB – Oxford
Tel: +44.1491.378.012
Ruessenstrasse 12
6340 Baar / ZG
Tel: +41 544 15 26

International branches:

Israeli Branch
38-d Hatehila St.
4272031 Netanya
Phone: +972.9.8350983
Phone: +972.9.8852735
Phone: +972.77.7008252
Phone: +972.52.3290915
Fax: +972.9865.0989

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