New updates on the Poison Centres website

New support pages and a future PCN Portal

The Poison Centres website has been updated with new support pages in order to assist the industry to prepare and submit information on hazardous mixtures.


According to Article 45 and Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging), companies placing hazardous mixtures on the market have to provide information about these mixtures to the relevant national appointment bodies, who then make it available to Poison Centres.

Poison Centres provide daily support to both healthcare professionals and citizens by giving medical advice on health emergencies that result from the exposure to hazardous chemicals and other toxic substances.

New support pages

The new support pages published by the ECHA in the Poison Centres website offer support to manufacturers and importers placing mixtures on the market, helping them to provide specific information on their hazardous mixtures and to comply with the obligations under the CLP Regulation.

Organized in a format of seven steps, they include information on the scope of these obligations (which mixtures need to be submitted), the standard information requirements, such as the chemical composition, the toxicological information or the product category, or the types of submission.

Moreover, they provide support on how to generate UFIs (Unique Formula Identifier codes), the new elements that need to appear in the labels, and on how to submit all the required information in a harmonized format.

New PCN Portal

In addition to these support pages, a new portal for the industry will be launched by the beginning of 2019: The Poison Centres Notification (PCN) portal.

This new portal will allow companies to submit all the information about their hazardous mixtures to a central platform, in addition to the current national submissions to Member States. All the notifications will be made in a harmonized format, and it will include multilingual support. Since the information will be centralized in the new portal, it will ease the work of poison centres to provide responses to health emergencies.

Following these new updates, a “In brief” has also been published providing more information on how to prepare and submit the information to the poison centres.

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