New Motor Vehicle Regulation 2018/858 – Fully applicable from September 1, 2020

After the two-year transitional period, on September 1, 2020, the new Motor Vehicle Regulation 2018/858 will become fully applicable and repeal the Motor Vehicle Directive (MVD).

Just like the MVD, the MVR is based on the Whole Vehicle Type-Approval System (EU WVTA). It applies to motor vehicles of categories M and N and their trailers of category O, that are intended to be used on public roads. The Regulation provides autonomous definitions and classification details of each category and subcategory.

This MVR is imposing stricter obligations on the manufacturer and all Economic Operators:

  • Every vehicle must comply with all the requirements of the regulatory acts listed in Annex II;
  • The application for the EU type-approval can be submitted to only one authority, in only one Member State and it must include the Information folder;
  • If approved, a copy of EU type-approval certificate must be stored by the manufacturer and all the Economic Operators of the vehicle in question;
  • The EC and Member States must use the common electronic exchange systems: Rapid Information System (RAPEX) and the Information and Communication System on Market Surveillance (ICSMS) for EU type-approval certificates, test reports, amendments, refusals or withdrawals of EU type-approval.

Earlier this year, the European Commission adopted an implementing act with regards to the administrative requirements for the approval and market surveillance.

Nika Gavrilovic


RA department

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