EMC ADCO publishes its market surveillance report on microwave ovens

The EMC Administrative Co-operation Working Group (EMC ADCO) published its report due to its 13th EMC market surveillance campaign, this time concerning microwave ovens for domestic use and catering. Alongside ten national market surveillance authorities, 62 devices were tested in compliance with the administrative and technical requirements of the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU.

Thus, this campaign provided the following results:

  • 73% of devices were considered administratively compliant;
  • 65% of devices had compliant technical documentation;
  • 79% of devices presented no issues on disturbance emissions;
  • Overall, 61% of devices were considered compliant;

The tests performed under this campaign have been carried out according to European standards and focus primarily on disturbance emissions, harmonic emissions, and voltage fluctuation. On the other hand, the following administrative requirements were especially regarded:

  • Existence of CE marking;
  • Declarations of Conformity that have their results of the assessment and standards used by the manufacturer filled in the ICSMS mechanism of market surveillance;
  • Valid technical documentation;

As a result, EMC ADCO has provided several conclusions concerning manufacturers of EMC devices in general and microwave oven manufacturers specifically.

Overall , the EMC ADCO stated that,  the results can be considered satisfactory, especially compared with previous year’s campaigns. Furthermore, it is recommended to make the results publicly available and consider future market surveillance activities from member states and the future development of EMC standards by the European Standardization bodies.

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