EU Consultancy & Training

Find your way through a complicated EU marketplace with the support of a professional.

Are you a EU-based manufacturer looking to lighten your Regulatory load by taking advantage of our EU Commission involvement and 30 years of Regulatory expertise?

Or perhaps you're a non-EU based manufacturer looking to successfully navigate the complexities of the EU Market and want to lean on a professional in order to remain focused on sales and business development.

Your EU Consultant will help you:

  • Successfully penetrate the EU marketplace
  • Ensure compliant technical documentation
  • Conduct EU Research and Clinical Investigations
  • Evaluate EU Market Claims
  • EU Labeling & Translations
  • Remain up-to-date on legislative/economic/political matters that may influence your product compliance (i.e. Brexit)
  • Provide support in determining an effective overall EU Market Strategy (i.e. distribution, warehousing, etc)

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EU Consultancy & Training Services include:

  • EU Consultancy
  • European Authorized Representative / EU Responsible Person
  • Technical File Creation / Review
  • Product Registration
  • National Device Registration
  • Vigilance
  • Regulatory Updates
  • EU Market Strategy
  • Product Classification
  • Formula Review / Validation
  • Free Sales Certificates
  • Essential Requirements Checklist
  • Identification of Harmonized Standards
  • Clinical Evidence / Clinical Evaluation Report
  • Risk Management
  • GMP Self-Declaration (Cosmetics)
  • Trade Mark Submissions
  • On-Site Visits / Training
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