Switzerland harmonizes Cosmetics Regulation with EU’s

Since June 2014, Switzerland’s food and consumer products’ regulations have undergone a complete revision. This was the result of Project LARGO, which had the goal of harmonizing Swiss laws with the European Union in order to open the market, uphold bilateral treaties and ensure a higher level of protection for consumers.

Subsequently, several requirements for cosmetic products have also been updated, such as the harmonization of compliance with the lists of regulated substances, labeling elements, the obligation to hold a Product Information File (PIF) and appointment of a Responsible Person (RP), compliance with GMP and the ban on animal testing.

These ordinances came into force on the 1st of May, 2017, but are subject to the following transitional periods:

  • Animal testing and appointment of a Responsible Person: 1st of May, 2018;
  • Compliance with the lists of Regulated Ingredients: 31st of December, 2018;
  • PIF Redaction and GMP Compliance: 30th of April, 2021.

However, some significant differences between both regulations still remain:

  • For each cosmetic product placed on the Swiss market, a manufacturer or importer must be designated. This person is responsible for the obligations established by the Swiss regulations.
  • Although it is possible to enter the address of the European RP on the label of a cosmetic product, the obligations of the manufacturer or importer may not be delegated to that person or to another person abroad.
  • Every product must have a PIF complete with a Safety Assessment Report, with the exception of artisanal products sold locally that are not targeted at children.
  • If the product has previously been placed on a market outside of Switzerland, the Manufacturer/Importer can prove that this PIF complies with the Swiss requirements for cosmetic products without having to present the PIF.

As a professional Responsible Person Center, Obelis specializes in the European Regulatory framework and will continue to keep track of the latest developments of the European Regulations in order to provide our clients with the best and most up-to-date information.

If you wish to ensure that your products comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulation and Switzerland’s requirements, contact us!

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