Obelis Group acquires SYNC Projects Ltd.

We are glad to announce that, as of February 20, 2022, SYNC Projects Ltd. – a consultancy company operating in the Israeli regulatory domain of medical devices & cosmetics – has been acquired by Obelis Group.

With this addition, Obelis Group expands its operations to the Israeli Market, in addition to the European Union, United Kingdom (UK) and Switzerland – aiming to expand its vision of “creating safer markets”. Now, users of Medical Devices, In-Vitro Diagnostic Devices and Cosmetics in Israel will therefore benefit from the security of being able to access fully compliant and safe products, supervised by the joint expertise of Obelis Group and SYNC Projects’ professional regulatory consultants.

This acquisition also aims to provide additional security and prosperity to the respective teams of SYNC and Obelis, while offering them new opportunities for professional growth and personal development.

Mr. Gideon Elkayam, CEO and Chairman of the Obelis Group Shareholder Board, wishes to underline the importance of this alliance: “The two companies have always worked towards the same goal and shared a common vision. This collaboration will allow us both to fortify the safety of the market, while delivering top-quality services and expertise. For over three decades, we have been committed to creating a better, more secure world for all users and health professionals, and we will continue doing so for many, many years to come”.

About Obelis Group

Obelis Group is a quality-driven, service-oriented company based in Brussels, Belgium. With 34 years of experience in regulatory affairs, we have made an impact in shaping compliance to create safer markets. We are one of the largest regulatory centers in Europe, and we have been providing EC REP and RP services to more than 3.000 manufacturers from all around the world.

Our services include the EU, UK and Swiss territories.

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About SYNC Projects

Over the last 20 years, SYNC Projects was guided by its core values of integrity, respect and courtesy with the purpose of providing quality services to its customers. Specialized in the regulatory field, the team is composed of experts keeping track of all Israeli standards and regulatory updates, making sure they will never become an obstacle to the company’s clients and providing the most effective solutions to all challenges.

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