Have your say: SCCS Opinion on hair dye Indigofera tinctoria (C170) open for comments

Indigofera tinctoria (C170) with CAS number 84775-63-3 has been scrutinized by the SCCS since 2003. The first SCCS opinion called for “a complete safety dossier on Indigofera tinctoria is required”.

The second SCCS opinion was adopted in 2012  with  the following conclusion: “the  safety  of  Indigofera  tinctoria  used  as  a  hair  dye at  a  maximum  concentration  on  the  head  of  25%  cannot  be  assessed  due  to  incomplete  information. The safety of Indigo (CI 73 000) used as a colorant should be re-assessed.”

The  SCCS  considers in its third opinion issued in January 2020  that  Indigofera  tinctoria  is  safe  when  used in non-oxidative condition hair colouring products as on-head concentrations of up to 25%.

Moreover, it considers it as a weak skin sensitisation potential cannot be excluded for Indigofera tinctorial. The opinion is open to public comments until 13 March 2020.

Charikleia Livogianni

Regulatory Affairs Department


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