European Commission launches the High Level Construction Forum

On September 28, 2021, the European Commission launched the first meeting of the HLCF (High-level construction forum).

More than two hundred representatives from the EU member states, stakeholders, social partners, and the European Commission took part in the exchange, addressing the HLCF’s main prerogatives.

1. The HCLF Aim

The initiative’s main objective is to establish a unique transition pathway towards a new construction ecosystem. The latter will be characterized by a renewed sensibility towards digitalization and green policies.

The European Commission aims at constituting a resilient system, capable of withstanding today’s rising global issues.

2.  The Morning Session

The discussion focused on the challenges to be addressed shortly, in order for the HCLF to serve its function. Although the difficulties derived from the COVID-19 outburst have been partially resolved, the construction ecosystem is still recovering and has many impellent issues, including: the ongoing climate crisis, the need for improved devotion towards people, investment in construction, material shortages and many more.

In addition, special focus has been put on:

· Green-oriented alternatives for the system’s future;

· Moving towards a carbon-neutral path;

· Improving digitalization.

To suffice in these complex objectives, a set of European initiatives has been put in place among which:

· The fit for 55 packages;

· The renovation wave;

· The national recovery and resilience plan, the Energy Performance of Buildings    Directive;

· The Construction Products Regulation, the circular economy action plan;

· The climate adaptation strategy.

They will aim to foster transformation and improvement within the system.

Moreover, the morning session underlined the importance of active participation of the public sector to reach the envisioned changes. Ultimately, humans must be kept in the centre, being granted an affordable environment with high-quality life standards!

3. The Afternoon Session

To encompass the various complexities of the HLCF launch, the afternoon session was divided into three sub-sessions:

Green Session: Focused on the creation of infrastructure, the improving of energy efficiency, setting of life cycle assessment (LCA) based targets and enabling circularity.

Digital Session: Underlining the importance of a regulated digital transition, as better data sharing will enhance greening and resilience. Moreover, better data sharing will enhance greening and resilience.

Lastly, a Resilience panel was conducted, in order to pinpoint important aspects of the HLCF transition such as:

· Establishing a skilled construction workforce;

· Addressing and resolving material shortage;

· Involvement of municipalities and new approaches;

· Increasing resilience within the system,

During October, several new meetings have been scheduled and performed to assure the correct development of the envisioned HLCF plan.

The European Commission’s website provides the possibility of signing up for the new mailing list of the Technical Secretariat, allowing interested parties to stay updated on the process’ status.

To stay up-to-date with the European Commission’s initiatives regarding the construction ecosystem, do not hesitate to check the Obelis website News Section.

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