EUCORE Workshop: GMP – EN/ ISO 22716

The EN/ISO/ 22716 guidelines are intended to provide guidance regarding Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products. These guidelines have been prepared for consideration by the cosmetic industry and take into account the specific needs of this sector. These guidelines offer organizational and practical advice on the management of the human, technical and administrative factors affecting product quality.

These guidelines have been written to allow them to be used following the flow of products from receipt to shipment. Additionally, in order to clarify the way this document reaches its objectives, a ‘principle’ is added to each major section. Good Manufacturing Practices constitute the practical development of the quality assurance concept through the description of the plant activities that are based on sound scientific judgment and risk assessments.

The objective of these GMP guidelines is to define the activities that enable the manufacturer to obtain a product that meets defined characteristics.
Documentation is an integral part of Good Manufacturing Practices.

This International Standard gives guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products. These guidelines cover the quality aspects of the product, but as a whole do not cover safety aspects for the personnel engaged in the plant, nor do they cover aspects of protection of the environment. Safety and environmental aspects are inherent responsibilities of the company and could be governed by local legislation and regulation. These guidelines are not applicable to research and development activities and distribution of finished products.
This is one more step towards the Israeli MoH adapting of the European New Cosmetic Regulation as an Israeli law.

EUCORE is a 2 day workshop exclusively dedicated to the Israeli Cosmetic Industry, manufacturers and Importers preparing them to the New European Cosmetic Regulation implementations by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) in 2010.

EUCORE workshop, organized by Obelis European Authorized Representative Center in association with the Manufacturers Association of Israel & Israel Cosmetic Industries Association.
You will be taught by Israeli and European experts in their fields about the EN/ISO 22716 – Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices that going to be adapted by the Israeli MoH during 2010.
*** Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation issued by the organizing bodies with tutorials that will include all the professional material.
The Department of Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health welcomes the seminar in alignment with its will to adopt the European Regulation into an Israeli Law!
For information and registration please contact the Manufacturers association Offices:
Phone: 03-5198847
Email: or

(*) Member – Manufacturers Association & Obelis customers. Registration before 03/05/2010

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