The Regulation: MDR 2017/745

The Regulation: MDR 2017/745

Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (Medical Device Regulation – MDR) has been adopted on the 5th April 2017.  It will apply to medical devices and their accessories after the transitional period ends (May 2021).

The Regulation sets general safety and performance requirements, while additional common specification and delegated acts will be drawn up at a later stage by the Commission. These specifications shall be taken into account by manufacturers as well as Notified Bodies. These Common Specifications will exist in parallel to the Harmonized Standards and the State of the Art.

Devices shall achieve the performance intended by their manufacturer and shall be designed and manufactured in such a way that, during normal conditions of use, they are suitable for their intended purpose. They shall be safe and effective and shall not compromise the clinical condition or the safety of patients.

Manufacturers shall establish, implement, document and maintain a risk management system, and eliminate or reduce risks as far as possible through safe design and manufacture.

Manufacturer shall establish, document, implement, maintain, keep up to date and continually improve a quality management system that shall ensure compliance with the Regulation in the most effective manner and in a manner which is proportional  to the risk class and the type of device.

CE marking shall be affixed on devices complying with the MDR.  Devices will freely circulate in the European Economic Area provided that the manufacturer will continue complying with their obligations under the MDR and that the devices are safe.

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