Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Together, we create compliance.

The compliance of products with the EU legislation affects the lives of millions of consumers. That is why we empower our employees, customers and partners to tackle compliance with the utmost attention. This is what we do to bring diverse people together, elevate and impower every voice and give our contribution towards a more sustainable future.

Creating communities.

We have launched the O-Community project to enable the exchange of information and awareness around the values we believe in. The community includes current employees and alumni of Obelis Group. We enable people to get involved, build partnerships and create opportunities to make our lives better. We provide support in the following fields: mental health, human rights, cancer, safety and health at work.

We have also created digital information platforms to empower manufacturers from all around the world to become compliant with European legislation. We empower every voice in the community: from producers, competent authorities to regualtory experts and conformity assessment bodies.

Responding to COVID-19.

We adopted new policies to empower our clients to truly make a difference by rapidly notifying In-Vitro Diagnostic kits, hand sanitizers, facemasks, and other protective equipment. By putting a fast notification system in place, we enabled manufacturers to place their products on the market and patients and users to take advantage of these products. We are doing our part to reduce shortages experienced by hospitals.

Caring for sustainability.

We celebrate all environmental activities helping to preserve our planet, and we are committed to create a healthy and sustainable environment at our workplace. We have set for ourselves the objective to reduce our impact on the planet by introducing environmental policies and running our operations with sustainability in mind.

Supporting Cancer awareness and research

Obelis serves as a regulatory partner for Horizon 2020, the most significant EU Research and Innovation program, where we have used our expertise for major cancer research and innovation projects.

We have also enrolled in a 21-day challenge, which allowed us to learn and be involved in cancer-related activities. This was our way of providing information to our employees to eliminate general misconceptions about diagnosis and treatment.

Prioritizing Mental Health

At Obelis, we raise awareness around the topic of Mental Health, offer support and empower people to realize their full potential. Within our community, we share examples of maintaining positive mental health, explaining how to detect early warning signs, and addressing them. Last October, we organized a special event for our employees and Alumni to take a moment and reflect on our wellbeing and take part in several activities that help maintain a positive state of mind.

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