Toy Safety Directive - Post-Marketing Surveillance

Toy Safety Directive - Post-Marketing Surveillance

It is the responsibility of each brand owner to continue to collect information related to use of their products after they have been made available to consumers as well as to ensure that they continue to comply as the legislation applicable to their products evolves.

Post-Marketing surveillance activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Staying up-to-date on new requirements or legislative changes,
  • Continual updating of the technical file as modifications are made to the product,
  • Reporting of any incidents related to the product use,
  • Removal of non-compliant batches from EU economics operators and end-user,
  • Keeping technical file available for 10 years after the last batch entered the EU market.

Working with a professional Authorised Representative will help to ensure that the necessary actions are taken to ensure continued compliance and proper post-market surveillance.

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