The Regulation: CPR 305/2011/EU

The Regulation: CPR 305/2011/EU

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR 305/2011/EU), published by the European Parliament on 9 March 2011, repeals the Construction Products Directive (CPD 89/106/EEC) and enacts stricter rules on the construction industry.

The main goal of the regulation is to further unify member states and create an environment of free trade without hindrance of national laws. Specifically, the new regulation aims to improve three areas.

  • Clarification of the basic concepts and of the use of CE marking;
  • Simplification of the procedures, so as to reduce the costs incurred by enterprises, in particular small and medium sized enterprises; and
  • Increased credibility for the whole system.

The new requirements of the new regulation went into effect 20 days after publication (March 2011); however, articles 3 to 28, 36 to 38, 56 to 63, 65, 66, and annexes I, II, III, and V are not yet in force. The regulation completely replaced the construction products directive (CPD 89/106/EEC) on 1 July 2013.

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