The Directive: MD 2006/42/EC

The Directive: MD 2006/42/EC

The Machinery Directive (MD) 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on machinery has been applicable since 29th December 2009 replacing the former Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

The Machinery Directive aims at the free market circulation of machinery within the European Economic Area and at the protection of workers and consumers using it.

Therefore, the Directive harmonizes the health and safety requirements for the design and construction of machinery at EU level to the primarily protection of persons.

There are specific requirements concern the protection of domestic animals and of property domestic animals and property in so far as they are liable to be exposed to the hazards generated by the machinery.

  • Article 1: Scope
  • Article 2: Definitions
  • Article 3: Specific Directives
  • Article 4: Market Surveillance
  • Article 5: Placing on the market and putting into service
  • Article 7: Obligations of Economic Operators (art.8-13)
  • Article 12: Procedure for assessing the conformity of machinery
  • Article 13: Procedure for partly completed machinery
  • Article 16: CE marking
  • Article 17: Non-Conformity of marking
  • Annex I: Essential Health and Safety requirements relating to design and construction of machinery
  • Annex II: Declarations
  • Annex III: CE marking
  • Annex IV: Category of machinery to which one of procedure referred to in Article 12 (3) and (4) must be applied
  • Annex V: Indicative list of the safety components referred to in Article 2 (2)
  • Annex VI Assembly instruction of party completed machinery

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