Emile is Vice President of Information & Technology in EMEA for Medtronic, with responsibilities to run and optimize the Information and Technology landscape in EMEA (>20.000 users, >30 countries) and create capabilities to enable new business models and ultimately grow the business to reach more patients.
He is interested in applying (new) technologies in combination with multidisciplinary collaboration to achieve business outcomes. One example is the business leadership Emile has shown during the implementation of SAP for the Covidien acquisition in the EMEA region to ensure business operations got back to normal levels.
Furthermore, he has twice won the CIO award and a nomination for the Star of Excellence which shows his passion for delivering business value through Information and Technology.
Emile has grown within Medtronic from being an individual contributor in 2006 to leading the eCommerce team in 2008 and the Program Management Office in 2012, after which he started to lead the IT group in EMEA in 2015.
In 2017, Emile won the Global MWN Executive Sponsor Diversity Award for the significant increase in Women in IT and his active sponsorship role within that program. Emile is the concept owner of the hourglass concept together with Peter Hinssen and as described in Peter’s latest book: “The Phoenix and the Unicorn”.
Before joining Medtronic in 2006, Emile was a business consultant for CMG. Emile holds an Information Management Master of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and CEMS (Community of European Management schools) degree.
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