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With more than 30 years of experience in regulatory affairs, Obelis offers its Responsible Person (RP) services to cosmetic brands that would like to enter the EU market smoothly.

Your Consultant for Cosmetics

As your RP, Obelis will:

Perform Formulation Review
Compile Product Information File (PIF)
Conduct Labelling Review
Verify your Claims
Secure your Safety Assessment
Complete CPNP Notification

Who is it for?

The EU Cosmetics Regulation, the primary EU law on cosmetic products, introduced the Responsible Person (RP) role. According to it, only cosmetic products for which a Responsible Person has been appointed within the EU can be placed on the market. It follows that:

  • All non-EU manufacturers (including the ones based in the UK) must designate an EU-based RP;
  • EU manufacturers also can designate another entity as their RP.

Therefore, if you sell cosmetic products in the EU under your name or trademark, you must nominate a Responsible Person by written mandate.

Whether you are an EU or non-EU manufacturer, Obelis can help you!


Why is it important?

To appoint an EU-based Responsible Person is a legal requirement. The RP has an essential role:

  • It ensures cosmetic products are compliant with the EU requirements;
  • It notifies the cosmetic products to the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), the EU centralized database — From the moment of the notification, you can sell your cosmetics products in the EU;
  • It provides the name and address that must be displayed on the labels;
  • It represents the manufacturer towards the competent authorities and keeps the documentation available in case of inspection;
  • It manages cosmeto-vigilance.


How can we assist cosmetic brands?

Our Team of experts will guide you through the EU compliance process, ensuring that your products meet the EU requirements while meeting your business needs. Obelis’s core business is to provide manufacturers with representation services. We are professional in the field; hence, we guarantee the quality, speed and confidentiality.

If you choose Obelis as your Responsible Person, we:

  • Check your products’ formulas;
  • Verify that your Product Information File (PIF) is compliant;
  • Connect you with our trusted partners for Safety Assessment and tests;
  • Review your labels and validate claims;
  • Notify your cosmetic products to the CPNP;
  • Provide support with language requirements and translations;
  • Sign the RP Mandate with your importers so that they do not automatically become the RP;
  • Assist you in case of incidents or queries from the competent authorities;
  • Keep you updated on cosmetic regulatory news.

We register your Cosmetic Products in Europe in 8 working days!

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Supporting tools

  • Labelling Guidance

A guidance on labelling requirements set by the EU Cosmetics Regulation. In this document, you can find an overview of the mandatory elements to display on your products inner and outer packaging to comply with the EU law.

Download: Labelling guidance
  • How to compile your PIF

Compiling a Product Information File (PIF) is one of the key steps steps of the EU compliance process. In this guide you can find the list of required PIF documents and their main elements.

Download: Compiling a Product Information File (PIF)
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