Radio Equipment Directive - Scope

Radio Equipment Directive - Scope

All equipment using the radio spectrum to communicate falls within the scope of the RED Directive.

The RED Directive applies to all radio equipment being placed on the market in the EU with the exception of:

  • Radio equipment used exclusively for activities concerning public security, defense, state security or for the economic well-being of the state
  • Amateur radio kits
  • Marine equipment
  • Airborne products, parts and appliances (as regulated under Article 3 of regulation EC 216/2008)
  • Custom built kits used solely for research and development activities

With the aim to be in line with the current state of art in the radio-using equipment, the new directive:

– Introduces a broader concept of “radio equipment”. This reasoning is deemed to be behind the removal of  the telecommunication term along with apparatus  from the directive.

‘Radio equipment’ means an electrical or electronic product, which intentionally emits and/or receives radio waves for the purpose of radio communication and/or radiodetermination, or an electrical or electronic product which must be completed with an accessory, such as an antenna, so as to intentionally emit/or receive radio waves for the purpose of radio communication and /or radiodetermination’.

  • Removes voltage limits for radio equipment regarding LVD safety requirements;
  • Includes on the scope all receivers (including broadcast radio and TV equipment) which previously felt under the scope of the EMC Directive;
  • Foresees the possibility for a certain type of products to have a common charging interface;

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