Best Payment Practices

Dear Client,

Here you can find all the best practices when making payment towards Obelis invoices together with related transaction fees. We would like to remind that all our services are pre-paid and, as per our mutual agreement, all invoices should be remitted to Obelis within 7 days upon the receipt of the invoice.

In order to do that, there are 3 payment methods available and fees related to the method of your choice:

  • Wire transfer: You can pay an invoice by making a wire transfer to Obelis bank account. The bank account details to be used for a wire payment are mentioned on the bottom of PDF invoice received from us.

Bank transfer fees depend on your bank (the “Ordering Bank”). Fees are deducted from the amount to be paid to Obelis as Transaction charges for the international transfer. Kindly note, that these fees can be avoided by specifying that all transaction costs are to be covered by the sender at the moment of payment.

  • Credit Card: You can pay an invoice with your credit card by clicking on direct credit card link on the bottom of PDF invoice received from us. In this case, your payment will be seen for us immediately, which allows to activate your account and start processing of the service faster.

Kindly note, that there will be 2% surcharge on the total amount paid via credit card. The credit card fee is charged by the online platform Ingenico from the net amount that Obelis receives. Due to this reason, your credit card fee will be rebilled in the next Monthly Fee invoice;

  • PayPal: In order to pay an invoice by PayPal, please use the email address and indicate the details (such as invoice number) of the payment you are processing.

Kindly Note, that there will be 4,5% surcharge on the total amount paid via PayPal. As a result, Obelis will charge the full amount.

Kindly be informed, that total amount of any transaction fees, which appears during ongoing semester, will be re-billed to client in the next monthly fee invoice.

Finally, please make sure to mention the reference of the invoice in the communication of the payment. In addition to that, kindly send us your payment proof after proceeding with the payment of received invoice. We will confirm your payment as soon as it becomes visible for us. We highly recommend you to pay by credit card, as the Ingenico platform creates fast and easy payment experience for you!

Our administration department team is ready to support you if any additional help needed. Please contact us with your request by this email:

Obelis Team would like to kindly thank you for the future remittance of our invoices, as they are necessary for the proper commencement of our services towards your firm.