Our Culture

Our Culture

At Obelis, employee satisfaction comes before customer satisfaction. We believe that great customer value can be delivered when we all work at the best of our abilities.

Let’s break it down, what is Obelis’ culture all about?

  • We are a big family: we would not be who we are without each other. We are respectful, supportive and encouraging. We want our teammates to reach their maximum potential.
  • We are passionate: we love what we do, we chose to make a difference and we strive to do our best every day.
  • We are in this together: we all work together towards the same goal,  mindful of the bigger picture
  • We are speakers and listeners: we are always ready to talk, communicate, explain, but we also know when to listen and support each other
  • We are givers and takers: we listen, we learn, we improve and then we give back to our mentees what we got from our mentors
  • We are here to learn: we are continuously learning from experts, from each other, from situations, from challenges, from mistakes
  • We are all different, but all the same: we are international, multicultural, diverse, but all equal and fair to each other

All the reasons to take your next career journey at Obelis:

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