Board of Directors

CEO – Gideon Elkayam

Gideon Elkayam is the founder, owner and CEO of the “Obelis Group” since 1988.

The company has been providing the most effective EU Regulation services to thousands of companies worldwide for the past 30 years. Mr. Elkayam is the founder and current Chairman of the European Cosmetics Responsible Person Association (ERPA), founding member and Treasurer of the European Association of Authorized Representatives (E.A.A.R) and the General Manager of GiDoS sprl.

He has put all his efforts and valuable professional experience into creating Obelis, known today as the largest regulatory center in Europe, operating worldwide and covering a large scale of products with unique expertise in Medical Devices, Cosmetics, In-Vitro Diagnostics as well as non-medical equipment. He is a professional manager who inspires his team to accomplish their best performance every day.

COO – Doram Elkayam

Doram Elkayam’s career encompasses more than 20 years of professional experience focusing on leadership and higher management.

As Chief Operations Officer (C.O.O.) at Obelis for over a decade, he has gained in-depth legal and regulatory expertise in EU affairs with a special focus on medical devices and cosmetic products.

Being a strong advocate of education, lecturing at different events and providing educational seminars belong to his daily activities. As part of Obelis’ vision of creating compliance for safer markets, his passion is providing tailored solutions to the needs of brand owners who wish to penetrate the European Market.

CCO – Sandra Ferretti

Sandra Ferretti is a Chief Compliance Officer with over 20 years of professional experience.

At Obelis s.a. she gained unique expertise in European regulatory affairs in the fields of cosmetics and medical devices. She specializes in the profession of Responsible Person and Authorised Representative.

As a Public Affairs Director, she is very involved in ERPA and EAAR associations, and she advocates in various EU experts working groups: Standing committee on Cosmetics, CPNP, Claims, Cosmetovigilance, EUDAMED, and many others.

Having a broad and transversal expertise in public affairs, regulatory affairs, Cosmetics & Medical Devices Regulation, quality management system including internal auditing, as well as H2020 projects, she is regularly invited as a speaker at various international seminars and conventions.

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